Acrow are proud to sponsor the following groups in our communities

New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild Trust

Acrow is proud to be a sponsor of the New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild Trust & we have partnered with them for their latest family safety & crime prevention campaign in their latest publication of the Crime Prevention Journal along-side educational information.  

 Acrow will also be promoted alongside the topic of Mental Health (suicide, victims of crime, depression, PTSD) 

Who are the New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild Trust?

Established in 1997 as a charitable trust, the Police Managers’ Guild Trust provides straightforward, useful information that helps people avoid becoming victims of crime and works toward a safer community for you, your families and your businesses.

The Trust achieves this by educating communities through the use of its annual Police Managers’ Guild Trust Journals, this website, social media and through strategic alliances with the business community.

These cover themes such as Drug and Alcohol awareness, Family Violence, building a Safer Community together, Better Parenting, Crime Prevention, and Child Safety (see topics on left menu).

Publications are approximately 40 pages in length.  4.5 million Journals have been distributed free of charge since inception to the public in all 13  policing districts throughout New Zealand.

This is made possible with thanks to over 20,000 local businesses, which support the Trust through sponsorship and advertising. The money raised from advertisers helps with the production and distribution of the journals as well as the ongoing development of our crime prevention educational resources.

Additionally, the Police Managers’ Guild Trust has returned in excess of 3.5 million dollars to New Zealand communities with impetus to reduce the impact of crime.

Mates in Construction

Acrow is proud to be a Partner of MATES in Construction, a non-profit industry funded organisation tasked with reducing the amount of people dying by suicide within our industry and creating a community within the workplace that is about MATES helping MATES

The programme provides workers with the tools to enable them to identify the signs and have the tough conversations with their MATES when they notice that someone may not be travelling well

MATES is a charity established in 2019 to reduce the high level of suicide among New Zealand construction workers. MATES provide suicide prevention through community development programmes on sites, and by supporting workers in need through Case Management and a 24/7 helpline. The programme raises awareness and builds resilience in the construction industry by promoting help seeking and help offering behaviours, we are building the capacity for workers to support and look after each other. If you or a mate needs help you can call MATES on their helpline 0800 111 315 and visit their website

Auckland University Rugby Football Club

Acrow is proud to be the Junior Club Sponsor at the Auckland University Rugby Football Club