Climbing Formwork

Crane Assisted Climbing Formwork, Shaft Platform, Doka Dam Formwork

Crane-jumped for structures of any shape and height. This climbing formwork permits controlled, regular working cycles on all structures such as high rises, bridge piers and pylons.

The system is easy to operate, copes with inclinations of up to 15 degrees and can be dimensioned to many different requirements over a wide applicational range.

Climbing Formwork, MF 240

Where formwork has to be shifted upwards in successive pouring lift  Acrow uses economical and world-leading Doka MF240 Climbing Formwork.

This crane-jumped formwork is suitable for structures of any shape and inclination.

Climbing formwork MF240 permits controlled, regular working cycles on all tall structures. It is extremely easy to set up, and can be tailored to meet a wide range of different requirements.

Modular System

Optimum adaptability to any project
• Small number of different parts
• Inclination adjustments of up to +/-15° possible for formwork and scaffold
• Uniform design of suspended platform and pouring platform
• Platforms are pre-assembled, i. e. rapid on site erection
• Direct connection facility to Doka automatic climber SKE
• 1st pouring section can be formed using system components

Operating Process

Formwork can be erected and struck without a crane and with minimal manpower
• Entire unit is lifted in one piece, quickly and easily (i. e. minimal crane time)
• Swift, precise formwork adjustment in all directions
• Simple inclination adjustment


Its practice-oriented design:
• High loadability (50 kN per climbing bracket)
• Formwork heights of up to 6.0 m
• Suitable for beamed and framed formwork panels and formwork made of timber beams.
• Wide working platforms (2.40 m)
• Formwork retractable by up to 75 cm
• Economical anchoring (small number of separate parts)
• Can climb over concrete projections with cantilever of up to 25 cm
• Climbing brackets can be used as heavy scaffold platforms

Weather Capabilities

Acrow formwork works independent of climatic influences:
• Permits safe working at wind speeds of up to 70 km/h
• Climbing can take place irrespective of climatic influences
• Working platforms can be equipped with weatherproofing canopies

Section-at-a-time Climbing

Our formwork has the advantage of section-at-a-time climbing:
• Freely selectable operating sequence with no need for round-the-clock working
• The cycles are optimised for the construction task in question, right from the planning stage
• Rapid work rhythm: Form, strike, climb
– With no need for a crane
– Whatever the weather
– Independently of other forming operations, e.g. for trailing floor-slabs and walls
– Lifting rate: 5 minim


The MF240 Climbing Formwork has a direct connection facility to Doka Automatic Climber SKE the most economical solution can be achieved for all layouts of buildings, piers or shafts.


Complete safety in all phases of the work.

Planning and Onsite Services

Doka planning service:
Doka will be pleased to plan the most economical formwork solution for you, and partial pre-assembly of the formwork by the Doka Ready-to-Use Service will save both man hours and space on the site.
Doka on site service:
Our Doka supervising foremen and engineers can assist you with good advice, right the way through
from when the formwork is assembled to when it is first used, up to and including the typical operating sequence, and give the forming crew introductory training on site.


• High-rise residential
• High rise industrial structures
• Bridge piers
• Silos
• Telecom and TV towers


Working Platforms up to 2.4m wide

Versatile Formwork can be rolled back up to 0.75m and is an adaptable, modular system

Universal Full integration with Framax and Frami steel-framed formwork

Economic An easy to handle product that consequently saves time and resources

Shaft Platforms

A climbing formwork for inside shafts, Shaft platforms permit quick and easy repositioning in just one crane cycle. This makes them a cost effective system for forming inside shafts.

Ingenious modular system
  • Uses telescopic shaft beams for easy accommodation to any structure plan
  • Makes the system quick and easy to assemble
  • Facilitates attaching a follow-up platform.
Easy to operate
  • Formwork can be set up and struck quickly with no need for a crane
  • Cuts back on crane time by enabling fast repositioning of the entire unit (platform plus shaft formwork)
  • Easy mounting system
  • Provides maximum safety
  • With either Main beam head or pawl

Max. load per hitching point
Permitted vertical force: 2000 kg (20 kN)

Shaft Platform


• Shafts

Dam Formwork

For all projects with single-sided application for multi-story concrete walls without formwork anchors.

Dam formwork can be rapidly constructed, allows project specific solutions and creates a safe working condition for all stages of the job.

Dam formwork


• Dams
• Water Power Plants
• Flood Gates
• Pylons
• Piers

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