Column Formwork

Framax/Frami Columns, Fair Faced (KS) Columns, Top 50 Columns

Acrow has three types of column formwork available to cover any situation.

Universal panels from the Framax and Frami Xlife framed formwork ranges are ideal for forming varied cross-sections of columns in a 5cm grid.

KS Hinged Columns allow for high speed, variable cross-section formwork with a folding mechanism and mobility with wheels.

Framax/Frami Columns Up to 1050mm x 1050mm

KS Hinged Columns Up to 600mm x 600mm

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Framax and Frami Xlife Columns

Ver­satile us­age
made possible by holes in the form-fac­ing 

  • en­ables col­umn cross-sec­tions of up to 105 cm x 105 cm, by adapt­ing in a 5 cm grid
  • prac­ti­cal accessories make the formwork quick to as­sem­ble and re­set

Re­duced com­mis­sion­ing quan­ti­ties and costs
by us­ing pan­els that are al­ready on-site any­way 

  • max­i­mum util­i­sa­tion ob­tained from the formwork by us­ing the uni­ver­sal pan­els for columns, corn­ers, stop-ends and wall junc­tions
  • long-lived, thanks to high-grade Framax Xlife sheet and hot-dip gal­vanised frames
  • uni­ver­sal pan­els can al­so be used in nor­mal wall formwork by sim­p­ly clos­ing off the holes in the form-fac­ing
Steel Framax Xlife Panel Widths (cm)
240 135 90 60 45 30
Alu-Framax Xlife Panel Widths (cm
90 75 60 45 30

Faster working due to the low form-tie count, with wide spacing (up to 1.35 m) between form-ties.

Easy handling and planning thanks to logical system-grid. The 15 cm grid, with 5 different widths of panel, results in optimum adaptability to every layout.

High safety at your site. The accident risk is reduced, and legally compliant working conditions.

Fair Faced Columns (KS Column)

Fair faced column

Doka column formwork KS Xlife is a top-quality, site- ready column formwork system.

The formwork is easy to open and close, resulting in very short striking and set-up times. Another advantage is that there is no need for time-consuming assembly and dismantling work.

Just one crane cycle is all it takes to reposition the entire formwork unit, in one piece.

Permitted fresh-concrete pressure
90 kN/m2

Product features

• adjusting range between 20 cm and 60 cm, in 5 cm increments
• suitable for square and rectangular column cross- sections
• no tie-holes and frame imprints in the concrete
• 30 cm height grid
• for column heights of up to 6.60 m
• easy to operate; simply fold/unfold the panels to set up and strip the formwork
• safe working environment ensured by using Plat- form planking KS or Doka column formwork plat- form 150/90cm
• safe vertical access provided by Ladder system XS
• easy and convenient to clean
• 21 mm form-facing screwed on from rear
• long service life thanks to its sturdy design and galvanised steel construction
• When folded closed, the Doka column formwork KS Xlife panels are easy to transport and store.

Column Formwork Top 50

Com­pli­cat­ed col­umn cross-sec­tions? Large col­umn heights? Re-used cy­cles or tough spe­c­i­fi­ca­tions re­gard­ing the con­crete fin­ish? – a made-to-mea­sure Col­umn formwork Top 50 can han­dle them all eco­nom­i­cal­ly.

The proven Doka beams, multipurpose walings and Doka formwork sheets are also used for column form-work.

Top50 columns

Permitted concrete pressure
90 kN/m2

– Cross-sections continuously
adjustable up to 120 x 120 cm

– No form-ties through the column

– Clean, smooth concrete surfaces

– Easy assembly and handling

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