Rugo R1

The Rugo™ R1 is an ultra-durable lighting tool for drone pilots, first responders, inspectors, and investigators. It’s compact design and sliding Tri-Lens make it ideal for a wide range of uses. The rechargeable battery pack can be swapped out quickly, and the various mounts make it an extremely versatile tool to have in your kit.

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SKU: 700-300
Size: 2.9in x 1in x 2in (LxWxH)
Weight: 158 g

Product Description

Features and Benefits
Rechargeable Quick Swap™ Power Pack
Tri-Lens Technology: area light, flood light, spotlight
Waterproof, fire resistant, impact resistant


Product Features

Color Black
Modes High
Lumens High: 700
Medium: 400
Low: 200
Dim: 70
Battery Life High: 1 hour
Medium: 1.5 hours
Low: 3.5 hours
Strobe: 6.75 hours
Batteries Rechargeable Lithium-Ion System
Material Black nylon 66 Power Pack
Black aluminum housing
Clear acrylic lens
Included Items 1/4" - 20 Mount
Cold Shoe Mount
Standard Mount with (2) knobs
USB Cable and Wall Adaptor
Rugo™ bag
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty