Acrow Props are genuine, come in a range of sizes and offered at competitive pricing. Beware of imitations with lower capacity thresholds.

The original Acrow Prop was the first adjustable prop in the world, revolutionising construction. It’s simple and innovative design, manufactured from high yield steel to Acrow’s specifications, permits versatility across a multitude of uses, including falsework support, as raking shores, and as temporary support.

Acrow Props are fast to erect in three simple steps, and are able to be handled by a single person, ensuring reliable and economical formwork and scaffolding applications.

Acrow Props are available in five sizes covering a range from 1050mm to 4900mm with axial compression working load limits ranging from 7kN to 42.5kN.

Our Acrow props are available to the public, contact your local branch today.

Acrow Prop Head and Base Plate
150mm x 150mm steel plates with drilled holes for securing to timber beams or facilitating the use of accessories.

Acrow Prop Inner-Tube
48.3mm OD tube with holes at 152.5mm centres. Tube diameter enables standard scaffold tube and couplers to be used for bracing purposes.

Acrow Prop Outer-Tube
60.3mm OD tube which accommodates the thread section and slot for fine height adjustment. Reduction couplers enable standard scaffold tube to be connected to the ACROW PROP outer-tube for bracing purposes.

The thread on the outer-tube provides fine adjustment within the props given range. The rolled thread retains the wall thickness of the tube and thereby maintains maximum strength.

Acrow Prop Nut
The self-cleaning ACROW PROP nut has a hole at one end for easy turning when the prop handle is close to walls.  An extra nut can be added to convert the prop to a push-pull strut.