Acrow Tilt PROPS

The original Acrow Prop was the first prop in the world, revolutionising construction. It’s simple and innovative design, manufactured from high yield steel to Acrow’s specifications, permits versatility across a multitude of uses, including falsework support, as raking shores, and as temporary support.

Acrow Props are fast to erect in three simple steps, and are able to be handled by a single person, ensuring reliable and economical formwork and scaffolding applications.

Acrow Props are available in five sizes covering a range from 1050mm to 4900mm with axial compression working load limits ranging from 7kN to 42.5kN.

Acrow Props Falsework

Acrow Rakingshore PROPS

The Acrow Rakingshore Prop is exclusively used to support horizontal loads when erected in a tilt prop application.

Available size 4.2m to 6.7m and 6.7m to 9.8m.

Acrow Falsework Props

Acrow Superslim PROPS

The Acrow Superslim Soldier Prop is used to support both vertical and horizontal loads.

Available sizes of superslim soldiers 0.18m, 0.36m, 0.54m, 0.72m, 0.9m, 1.8m, 2.7m, 3.6m. Please enquire about other specific sizes.

Allowance of 0.7m to 1.2m for attachment of adjustable heads and tilt plates.