Standards, Ledgers, Transoms, Diagonal Braces, Adjustable Bases, Planks

Discover a more efficient and economical way to safely accelerate building construction with Cuplock: a versatile modular scaffolding and formwork support system.

The Cuplock system is a modular scaffold used for light, medium and heavy-duty applications.

• Designed to meet safety specifications
• Proven in practice throughout the world.

Choose an economical solution for your requirements by either hiring or purchasing Cuplock for your building project.

Your Cuplock use is supported by a full and ongoing support and engineering consultancy service if required.

Cuplock has six basic components with a large number of accessory components.

Available in six sizes from 0.5 to 3 metres. All standards contain Cuplock cups comprising 8 attachments for braces.

48.3mm OD Tube. All have the Cuplock cup connection system. Accepts adjustable base jacks.

Cup Connection
Precision-positioned at 500mm intervals.

Ledgers tie the standards horizontally. Generally non-load bearing and feature elements to lock into the cup connection. Used also as working platform guardrails.

Cuplock transoms are load bearing.

Cuplock transoms have positive connecting elements to connect to standards.

The T section shape of the transom supports the hook ends of decks for clear, safe walkways.

There are two types of Cuplock diagonal braces, both feature pivoting connecting systems for left and right-hand positive connections to standards.

Face Brace
Braces standards longitudinally on scaffold face. Used between two outside face standards to full height of scaffold.

End Brace
Braces standards transversely. Use between end pair of standards for full height of scaffold.

Cuplock adjustable jacks fit directly into standards, with wingnuts for vertical adjustments.

Corrosion-resisting cast nuts, skirting to centralise standards, heavy load capacities, self-cleaning threads.

BASEPLATE.jpgAdjustable Jacks
Jacks are used in scaffolding with thread safety stop.  Ample spindle engagement for stability.

The Cuplock Scaffold Planks high-strength galvanised steel construction minimises corrosion. They fit flush on to the transom. Dimple tread gives surer footing and safety.

Size (m) 760 1.2 1.8 2.4
Length (mm) 739 1250 1809 2420
Thickness (mm) 6.5 65 65 65
Mass (kg) 5.3 9 13 17

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