temporary grandstands

Grandstand Sections, Guardrails, Steps and Stair Access, Seating


Typical section and dimensions
Grandstand parts
Section showing different truss combination
Vomitory stair access with single and double aisles
Rear loading stair access
Front stair access to grandstand
Front loading staircaseand landing access to elevated grandstand
Typical rear loading pakar staircase access with landing
Front platform extension options
Ringlock base jack options
Ps1 – design for pakar seating
Plywood specs and fire report
Plastic seat test cert
Flame retardant event screen


Acrow offers two types of versatile, cost-effective, safe, stable and comfortable grandstand seating: Bucket Seats and Tip Up Seats. Both seating types are constructed of UV stabilised polypropylene.

Tip Up Seating

Self supporting, the Tip-Up seat consists of separate seats and backs with ergonomic shape. Optional armrest can be fitted.

Tip-Up Seat Specifications
Seat spacing450mm
Spacing between rows750mm
Seat pans410mm deep x 425mm wide
Seat rest380mm high x 425mm wide
Seat clearway500mm

Bucket Seating

Fitted on a special metal support, fastened to trusses, this seat option has a smooth and glossy finish.

Bucket Seat Specifications
Seat spacing450mm
Spacing between rows750mm
Seat pans340mm deep x 410mm wide
Seat rest370mm high x 390mm wide
Seat clearway350mm

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